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BHC have developed Slit Foil capacitor technology which eliminates circulating currents in the aluminium foils. Research has shown that this patented design gives outstanding performance in audio applications.

Utilising the Slit Foil design BHC have produced the T-Network Capacitor which is specifically engineered to reduce the effects of resistance and inductance in audio applications making the signal closer to a pure capacitance.

Available in 50 & 63V versions both with a capacitance of 10,000uF, the unique characteristics of the T-Network means that when used in audio amplifiers these capacitors show vast improvements on the performance of standard reservoir caps.



For Technical Support on all BHC capacitors, simply call 01438 488 084 in the UK or click here to send an email.



  Series & Application(s) Image Rated Voltage Capacitance Values Description & Features



 BHC ALC10S: Slit Foil Electrolytic

  Audio Reservoir Capacitors.

Datasheet for
BHC ALC10S Series



  50 Volts   10000uF   Conventional capacitors, being made of large, coiled, thin strips of aluminium, are prone to induce eddy currents across their conducting surface. These currents prevent the capacitor from doing its job optimally, thus degrading subjective sound quality. By introducing a series of tiny slits in the foil conductors these eddy currents are dramatically reduced, so improving the subjective and measured performance.

Modern electrolytic capacitors are designed for use in power supplies so most aspects of their design have been optimised. Some of the advances in the design may not be beneficial in audio applications where the requirements of the capacitors are very different.

BHC, in collaboration with an audio research company, DNM Design, have produced the Slit Foil Capacitor specifically for audio applications. This is a  patented design which eliminates circulating currents in the aluminium foils. This spurious current flow on the capacitor plates is known to occur, but is not apparent in most applications.

Slit foil capacitor research has also indicated that improvements in the general construction of the capacitors give better results in audio where the fidelity of the wave shape is very important. Great attention has been paid to the construction details which can affect the performance, i.e. foil type, its connections and mechanical construction.

BHC manufacture a range of capacitors for this type of application in screw terminal, solder tag or snap-in configurations. Details of capacitance and case sizes available are available from AudioCap.


        63 Volts   10000uF        
      80 Volts   10000uF          
      100 Volts   10000uF          

 BHC ALN20S: T Network Four-pole Electrolytic

  Crossovers and signal path.

Datasheet for
BHC ALN20S Series



  50 Volts   10000uF

-10%/+30% and 20% tolerance versions available.
  A new generation of audio capacitors are now available from BHC - T-Network Capacitor (TNC). The TNC has been designed specifically for audio applications by DNM Design and is manufactured in the UK by BHC.

In a normal capacitor unwanted resistance and inductance force the input and output together electrically, making its unwanted characteristics very critical for performance.

Figure.1. Conventional Capacitor:

The new TNC behaves differently because the input must flow along the capacitor plate to reach the output. The signal is forced into pure capacitance with most of the unwanted resistance and inductance appearing on each side of the bulk capacitance. The residual defects, therefore, tend to assist the capacitance filtering in the T-Network design.

Figure.2. T-Network Capacitors

The TNC is designed for the most demanding filtering situations and it will redefine performance standards in many non-audio applications. For use in audio amplifiers, the TNC incorporates current slit foil technology to produce the ultimate audio capacitor. These capacitors give excellent results against standard components on a direct replacement.  However TNC high frequency performance is so enhanced that the  H.F. compensation of test amplifiers may need resetting for best results.

BHC manufacture a range of capacitors for this type of application in a 4 pin configuration. Details of capacitance and case sizes available are available from our sales office and DNM Design.

Other capacitance values are available on request.




    63 Volts   10000uF        
      80 Volts   10000uF          
      100 Volts   10000uF          


In addition to the above standard series, BHC provide a wide range of standard large can electrolytic capacitors and can also custom manufacture a wide range capacitance/voltage combinations for electrolytics. For an overview of the complete BHC range view the Product Overview page at BHC's website.




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